LI Chi-tak  利志達 

1982年中學畢業,隨即投身漫畫行列,80年代輾轉加入《拳威漫畫》、玉郎機構及斯辰出版社,並於83-86年間修讀大一設計研習課程。80年代間曾於《拳威漫畫》、《漫畫之家》、《漫畫週刊》等漫畫期刊發表短篇漫畫, 84年經斯辰出版社發表《衛斯理》系列,之後更在《小強漫畫集》、《壽星仔》及《小強畫集》先後發表專欄。


1987年因自資出版《同門少年》而聲名大噪,自此發展其獨特的漫畫生涯。除持續於各大媒體發表及連載短篇漫畫,已出版漫畫作品包括《黑俠》、《鋼鐵頭》、《石神》、《刺秦》、《The Planet》、《天妖記》、《Superbaby》、《空降三岔擊》、《草莓妹》、《K》、《大海盜談》、《大愛神話》等。




利在香港有「獨立漫畫之父」之稱,深深影響後來的本地獨立漫畫中堅分子智海、黎達達榮等,在國際間他亦有一定知名度。1990年代起,利先後於日本雜誌發表〈破相〉、〈Posh!少年隊〉及連載〈飛人九〉、〈30 min+-〉、〈陳小姐〉、〈我的國〉等短篇作品,甚至為江戶川亂步小說繪成短篇漫畫〈鏡地獄〉。2001年他更應邀參加日本東京《アジア IN コミック展》,為日本漫畫界最熟悉的香港漫畫家之一。利亦數次衝出亞洲,除幾次參與歐洲漫畫節以外,其著作《石神》於98年被翻譯成法文,於歐洲出版;最新著作《The Beast》於16年推出,由比利時出版社先行出版法文版。並在2016年的第43屆法國安古蘭國際漫畫節舉行個人漫畫展。

現為自由漫畫創作人、畫家的他,漫畫及插畫作品散見於不同媒體,積極參與視覺藝術、多媒體展覽,亦參與產品設計及廣告插畫工作,商業插畫及設計客戶包括United Colors of Benetton、Nike、屈臣氏、可口可樂、港鐵等。

Born in Hong Kong in 1965, Li entered the comics industry after he graduated from high school in 1982. He has worked for Kuen Wai Comics, Jademan Company and Hong Kong Season Publishing Company in the early 80s and has completed his studies of Design at First Institute of Art and Design during 1983-86. During the 80s, Li has published short comics on magazines like Kuen Wai Comics, Comics Home and Comics Weekly. In 1984, he started writing the Wisely Series for Hong Kong Season Publishing Company. Thereafter, he also wrote comics columns for other magazines

like Siu-keung Manhua Collection, Birthday Boy and Comic Alley.

In 1987, Li self-published Tong Men Shao Nian, a strikingly compelling comics which catapulted him to fame. Since then he has written comics titles including Black Mask, Hysterical City, Spirit, Assassins, The Planet, Tian Yao Ji, Superbaby, Airborne Attack,Little Strawberry, K, The Voyager, The Lover and more were subsequently published.

Li’s comics are terse and acute, and he often creates things out of the box. Out of his love of films and music, Li often reaches his playlists to draw comics, and the comic language and the camera work of his own comics are simply cinematic. In reverse, his comics have been adapted to moving images too. His early short comics Dino was adapted to the same-name drama by Honkaz Fung Hing-keung. His Black Mask stories was adapted to the Black Mask series which was directed by Tsui Hark and lead-played by Jet Li.

In Hong Kong, Li has been referred as the “Godfather of Indie Comics”, which has inspired local indie comics creators like Chihoi andLai Tat Tat Wing. In the world scene, Li has also received a lot of attention. Ever since the 90s Li has written comics for Japanese magazines, published works included Scarred, Posh! The Gang, The Dog is Running, 30 min+-, Miss Chan and My Nation, etc. Among these short comics is Kagamijigoku, a short story Li illustrated which was originally written by the famous Japanese writer Edogawa Ranpo. In 2001, Li was even invited to participate in Asia in Comic, a touring comics exhibition around Japan. Li has been out there in the Western world too, besides taking part in several comics festivals, in 1998, Spirit was translated into French and published in Europe; the latest comics The Beast had published in French in 2016. And also, solo exhibition in The 43th Angouleme International Comic Festival 2016.

Li is now a freelance comics artist and painter, his comics and illustrations are seen on different media and he is actively involved in visual arts and multimedia exhibitions. In recent years, he has also worked in the fields of product design and advertisement illustration, creating commercial illustrations and designs for clients including United Colors of Benetton, Nike, Watsons, Coca Cola, MTR Corporation, etc.

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