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Comic book /漫畫 :The Meatballs Inferno 十七樓叉燒

Author /作者 :Lai tat tat wing 黎達達榮

Language /語言 :Traditional Chinese 繁體中文

Paper back /平裝 :336 pages

Product dimension /呎吋 :12.5 x 17.5 cm  

Weight/重量 :290g






十七樓叉燒 The Meatballs Inferno

  • The Meatballs Inferno are Lai tat tat wing’s 25th comic book, sequel to The Porkchops Inferno release one year ago. The Shui Mei ( cantonese grill food ) Brothers continue their abrubted journey to eternity or ....., accompany them the Black and White envoy. Thrilling and humourous, watch out for the flames and tears.


    Sequel: 16th floor, as roast chicken make their way down



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