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Comic book /漫畫 :The Pork Chops Inferno/Deluxe Juicy Extended Mix十八樓燒肉/多汁滴油版

Author /作者 :Lai tat tat wing 黎達達榮

Language /語言 :Traditional Chinese 繁體中文

Paper back /平裝 :384 pages

Product dimension /呎吋 :12.5 x 17.5 cm  

Weight/重量 :332g






十八樓燒肉/多汁滴油版 The Pork Chops Inferno

  • The Pork Chops Inferno were Lai tat tat wing’s 24th comic book release. One fine day, while waiting for the bus, Lai saw two men, one in all white the other in all black suits, transfixed by this unusual attire, came right to his mind was the Black and White Hell’s guards from Chinese folklore, Travelogue to the inferno hence began.


    Sequel: Barbecue Porks make their grand entrance to The Inferno !


    《十八樓燒肉》是黎達達榮第二十四部自資出版漫畫作品。靈感是來自等巴士時忽見到一黑一白西裝上班族而聯想起黑白無常,地獄故事由此開。黎達達榮的漫畫一向非線性的,《地獄遊記》當然是變奏再變奏,到最後還是要 Stop Making Sense!



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