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Original piece 原作

12.5 x 17.5cm ( 5x7" )
Colour pencil  木顏色筆

Madame Carven

  • Yen Chow street hawker bazaar, also known as pan chai, means petite scaffold. It all started in the 70’s when fabric hawkers opened their stalls here. At its heyday, there were totally 190 stalls when people made their own cloths or visit tailors for a more refine piece of garment for parties and wedding banquets. 


    Though there are not as many stalls as it use to be due to relocation issue, this Kowloon Walled city mood fabric market is a heaven for fashion design student. From lightest voile to heavy canvas, what they offered are rarities, varieties and flexibilities for the students to realise their creativity and their dreams.


    Scott Chan visited Yen Chow hawker bazaar in 2014 and found it was actually the breeding ground for the local fashion students and aspiring designers. He then used the receipts of the various stalls as a drawing papers to sketch 25 renowned international fashion designers. From Yen Chow hawker bazaar to Grand Palais might be a long and winding road, ain’t possibilities is what everything begins ? 







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