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Comic book /漫畫 :Vicious 刻毒

Author /作者 :Li Chi-tak 利志達

Language /語言 :Simplify Chinese 簡體中文

Paper back /平裝 :137 pages

Product dimension /呎吋 :18.5 x 25cm  

Weight/重量 :140g

First Edition/ 第一版 ISBN 978-967-478-352-5





Vicious 刻毒

  • 《刻毒》馬來西亞版正式推出,新版本跟香港原版有點不一樣,書度大了,相信不少讀者會更喜歡,封面也不同,是黑白的。





    Vicious Malaysian Edition offically landed. This edition is in larger format, black and white cover, Li believe it should be more appealing to readers.

    Eight pages were added to the story C, a more complete version.


    It was 31years ago, Li's contribution of the later chapters of Wisely series to Malaysian publisher.

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