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Laitattawing 黎達達榮 

Lai tat tat wing is one of the most influential and eccentric independent comic artist of Hong Kong. Comic fan already as was a kid, his show and tell to classmate were his photocopied make shift comic books. His high school years was when MTV ruled the music world, he was overwhelmed by the nonlinear story telling and editing style thus  influence his creative direction of his comics in the years to come. 


Lai started to partly self publish his comic Picking up a Pig tale in 1995,  Woody woody wood, Laughing Laughing Chick Chick, Jumping The HA in 1997, peculiar and funny became signature of Lai’s work. Followed by Stand behind the Island line, Diarrhoea of the Frog, Magic Flute, East Wing West Wing… In 1999 comic sets A Parading Zoo In Taiwan set his debut in Taiwan. His Twinkle Twinkle Twinkle little star was translated into French as L’enfer de Jade, published in 2007. His latest work was My dog can draw published in 2013. Lai is currently working on Woody’s horror Cube, the epic return of his beloved Woody Woody wood.

香港出生,最多產的本地漫畫家之一。自小 喜愛畫漫畫,自行影印製作給同學傳閱。中學時期,達達 榮愛上那時稱MTV,那些故事性不大,但具想像空間的 剪接與排格的音樂錄像, 及後影響他的創作理念與方向。


1995半自資出版第一部個人作品《慢慢豬,凸凸交》。1997年一連出版三部作品《木積積.中中直》、 《彈彈蝦.高高甩》、《笑笑雞.磨磨沙》。題材怪 誕陸離,惹人發笑,在形式上不斷突破。1999年首度於 台灣推出作品集《動物園台灣出巡》,其後每年在港 出版品包括《青春耳鼻喉》、《魔笛》、《咆哮脂肪》、《毒雞湯》、《港島線》、《耀眼花生》、 《青蛙腸胃炎》、《龍虎門徒》,法文《龍虎門徒》在2007年出版。《罰養犬》2013出版。最新作品扭鬼鬼色木積積大長篇積積極進行中

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