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Lee Ka-sing 李家昇

LEE Ka-sing 李家昇, born in 1954, photo-based artist. He was the co-founder of DISLOCATION, a former independent photography magazine. In 1989, he was awarded “Artist of the Year” by Hong Kong Artists’ Guild. In 1999, he received Fellowship for Artistic Development by Hong Kong Arts Development Council. Selected monographs include Thirty-one Photographs (1993, Photo Art), Forty Poems, photographs 1995-98 (1998, Ocean & Pounds, Hong Kong Arts Development Council publication grant), The Language of Fruits and Vegetables (2004, Hong Kong Heritage Museum), De ci de là des choses (2006, Editions You-Feng). His work is collected by private and public collections including Tokyo Metropolitan Museum of Photography (Japan) and Hong Kong Heritage Museum. Lee currently lives and works in Toronto, Canada.

生於1954年, 多年從事攝影創作。攝影刊物《女那禾多》創辦人之一。1989年, 獲香港藝術家聯盟頒發藝術家年獎,1999年獲香港藝術發展局之視藝發展獎。主要攝影出版物包括《李家昇照片冊》(影藝出版社,1993)、《Forty Poems》(奧信彭司,香港藝術發展局資助,1998)、《蔬果說話》(香港文化博物館,2004)、《東西 De ci de là des choses》(友豐出版社, 2006)。作品為私人及公共團體收藏,包括日本東京都寫真美術館,香港文化博物館等。李現於加拿大多倫多生活及工作。

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