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Art Print 限量藝術印刷品

Inkjet print on Harman professional 300gsm matt cotton smooth paper by Hahnemuhle

Harman by Hahnemuhle 300gsm全棉啞面無酸紙噴墨打印

Wood grain metal frame / 木紋金屬框
Sizes : A4   210x297mm / Edition of 10 限量10版本

           A3+ 329x483mm / Edition of 10 限量10版本

Old good things

  • Yeung grown up in the Lam tin district of Hong Kong, its name literary means blue field in Cantonese, hence had his first graphic novel named “ How Blue was my valley “. A newly built large public housing estate in the 70’s, it was a densely populated, rough and tough neighbourhood. Yeung compelling and extraordinary use of primal bright colours to depict the daily lives of the estate, established both his signature drawing style, thus sat a benchmark to the development of Hong Kong indie comics.


    A teenage boy with a hungry stomach walks slowly uphill, passed the wet market, dodged the bullies, climb the stairs, the diligent taping sound of the sewing machine, guitar strumming ; winter spring summer or fall, all you… she made it to the chorus today. 



    錦繡藍田是楊的第一本漫畫小說,英文名字 ‘ How blue was my valley ‘ 。



    放學後懷著重累累的書包,空空的肚子,穿過濕滑街市,躲過球場裡的死飛仔,走上樓梯就聽到勤奮的衣車腳踏聲,Winter, spring, summer or fall, all you… 她彈到副歌了。

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