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Original piece 原作

Oil base felt pen on glossy art paper 油性雙頭筆啞粉紙
Size : 495mm x 724mm

Paper Money 06

  • There are patterns behind everything, being label by behavioural pattern , aesthetic pattern, last but not least, paper pattern for our garments. From daily life to the meaning of life. We seems to live in the law and order of pattern.


    The uniform that we wear need a paper pattern to begin with, once in a while we have to or imagine to put on certain kind of uniforms to identify ourselves with certain group, school, company or our country. Sometimes we would be very proud of it or sometimes thought that its a kind of embarrassment. At that certain time and space, the uniform are meant to convey a collective power, needless to say if that was a military uniform.


    When a new nation was born, the very first thing to do is to establish their currency, their bank notes. What to put into their paper currency are things that defines the country. Some use their magnificent scenery, national costume, heroes, with a unique complicated pattern intricate into the design.


    If power and money seems to be an invincible pattern in our lives, we spend most of time and effort to crave for it, but should there be lives beyond that, isn’t it ?


    The characters in Laitatattwing in the Paper Money series put on all sorts of glaring military uniform, with money and power all in their might, they should be invincible and overpowering, and yet why the lost face.


    我們被各式各樣的模式標準包圍着, 心理學標簽我們行為模式, 美學模式被權威化,我們穿的衣服也是從一個紙模樣開始。從實用到思維,我們被框在既定的法則和定律。


    我們的人生裏總有一次或多次穿,甚至幻想穿上不同的制服的時候, 最多是代表學校或所屬團體、公司以至國家, 穿上的時可以令我們充滿傲氣也可能是一種困窘。 無論如何, 在那時空裏, 那制服代表着是一種集體力量,何況是一套軍服。


    當一個新建的國家誕生,最先制定的是他的貨幣和軍服, 也是金錢和權力的像徵。 在紙幣上, 往往就是那國家的攝人風景地貌, 或是傳統民族服裝, 國家英雄,再由複雜不過的圖案連繫上。


    黎達達榮在這輯畫作上的人物穿上耀目的紙錢軍服,權力與金錢集在一身, 好像有着無堅不摧的力量, 幫助他們過關斬將,但面上卻一臉茫然,不知何去何從。



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