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Art Print 限量藝術印刷品

Inkjet print on Harman professional 300gsm matt cotton smooth paper by Hahnemuhle

Harman by Hahnemuhle 300gsm全棉啞面無酸紙噴墨打印

Wood grain metal frame / 木紋金屬框
Sizes : A4   210x297mm / Edition of 10 限量10版本

           A3+ 329x483mm / Edition of 10 限量10版本

Pork Chops Bros

  • 辦公室內的無限階梯,時空交疊,電腦營幕的荒涼異境,飛機是回航或是出,是上班還是落堂?這一幅十八樓燒肉七兄弟圖是黎達達榮進入創作新階段,似是一貫的離經叛道,對抗牽絆,卻又能反映時代精神,神完氣足。


    Lost in the infinity office staircases, time and space overlapping, looking back at the desolated netscape in the computer monitor, it’s a leaving or return plane, go to work or after school?

    This Pork Chops Seven Bros, Laitattatwing entered a nouveau creative phase, seems like his usual defiance and rebel story telling methods, it also reflects the spirit of our time, undoubtedly a tour de force.


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