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Thirty-one Photographs

Thirty-one Photographs


Photo book: Thirty-one Photographs

Author  Lee Ka-sing

Language: English and Chinese

Product dimension: 26cm x 25.5cm  

Weight: 500g

Published by Photoart Limited 1993






  • Thirty-one Photographs

    Thirty-one Photographs (1993)
    Exhibition catalogue, 10x10.25 inch, 80 pages. 
    Published by Photoart, on the occasion of the exhibition -
    Lee Ka-sing: Thirty-one Photographs, Pao Galleries, Hong Kong Arts Centre, 1993 

    During the decade from the mid eighties to the mid nineties, only a thin line existed between Lee's commissioned work and personal work. Perhaps, it was due to the influence of photographers such as Irving Penn and others. People came to him seeking his visual language, and, at the same time, he try to maintain within his own work, personal aesthetic philosophy and heart.


    In 1993, Lee mounted an exhibition of works selected from his previous assignments. It was titled THIRTY-ONE PHOTOGRAPHS. Yau Leung of Photoart published the catalogue, Lilian Tang designed the publication, and the exhibition poster as well. Leung Ping Kwan wrote a long intro for the book, an essay he later turned into one of the Ten Chapters, of his book on Hong Kong culture.

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