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Sharon Lee 李卓媛

The Crescent Void was first shown at Gallery Z in 2018 as one of the satellite exhibitions of The Hong Kong International Photo Festival. 

From the very beginning, Sharon wished to create a book, which dedicates to her beloved grandma. Before the book becomes real, The Crescent Void was shown as exhibitions twice. Finally, the little wish is fulfilled, the book is completed on the 29th Feb 2020, celebrating Grandma’s birthday in heaven.

To materialise this ‘void' of a ‘crescent’ in a year time proved to be challenging, but ultimately rewarding. From an exhibition to an artist book, ‘The Crescent Void’ is now unfolded in a zinc box. We have the work delicately presented with washi paper—turning the heavy concrete specimens into an airy silvery beam. Gallery Z is launching this artist book with Sharon Lee to share this passion and endeavours in remembrance of things passed. Blues Wong wrote a poem responding to the work of Sharon, here is one line—A pouring rain of mental soil fill the passing memories of a distant love.

The zinc box is meticulously tailor-made by Sharon to hold this precious book. The material echoes to the essence of the previous exhibition. Why zinc box, as lots of foreign friends asked. For locals, I guess it is well understood.

The Crescent Void, the edition artist book comes in a box of 10 prints, extremely limited copies of 5.

The Crescent Void, 5 copies, printed in 
Print size: 11"x14" (279mm x 355mm)
Printed on 110 g/㎡ archival washi papers (Awagami Inkjet Papers) with pigment inks
Zinc box is locally handmade in Hong Kong. (Coated with anti-rust agent)

Artwork acquisition :


此作的初心是卓媛希望造一本書,紀念她的祖母。書還未完成之時,缺景層經兩度展覽。四年一閏,念念不忘,際於祖母的生忌二月月廿九日,缺景終將圓滿。一年時間,從選紙到印製,從排版到出版,我們共同把「缺景」收納到一個白鐵盒,成為一「書」。藝術書以和紙印製,把厚重的水泥標本於輕薄的和紙中化成銀髮的白光,以豆豉鯪魚和檸檬茶紀念逝去的人和事。分享其中一句黃啟裕先生為作品提的詩 "A pouring rain of mental soil fill the passing memories of a distant love"。

盛載作品的白鐵盒是卓媛特別為藝術書設計,亦呼應展覽時以白鐵作畫框。為什麼是白鐵? 外國朋友都提出這個謎思,相信於香港土生土長的人自然心領神會。



紙本印刷尺寸:11"x14" (279mmx355mm)
噴墨打印於110 g/㎡ 收藏級和紙(阿波紙)
白鐵盒於香港本地手製 (全盒經過防鏽處理)

收藏作品聯絡 :

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