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Art Print 限量藝術印刷品

Inkjet print on Harman professional 300gsm matt cotton smooth paper by Hahnemuhle

Harman by Hahnemuhle 300gsm全棉啞面無酸紙噴墨打印

Wood grain metal frame / 木紋金屬框
Sizes : A4   210x297mm / Edition of 10 限量10版本

           A3+ 329x483mm / Edition of 10 限量10版本

Mies van der Rohe 10

  • 這十張畫作是利志達應進念二十面體的邀請為音樂劇Looking for Mies作舞台影像創作。


    用畫作來呈現建築大師Mies van der Rohe的精神和美學,實在是件非比尋常且有富挑戰性的作業。他的兩的個格言「少即是多」、「神在細節裡面」,已成為現代建築的教條。


    當看見這些作品時,不禁對利志達心悅誠服 ; 作品不但精準呈現的Mies建築的宏緻, 也留下利志達簽名式的風格,平靜卻又充滿力量,是不可多得的作品。


    These ten pieces of drawing were Li chi-tak contribution to Zuni icosahedron music theatre ‘ Looking for Mies’ as theatrical element for the performance.


    To depict Mies van der Rohe’s architecture in drawing is a delicate matter. As Mies was one of the masters of modern architecture, those two aphorisms ‘Less is more’ and ‘God is in the details’ are challenging enough.

    When I saw this series on exhibition, impressed and astounded by Li’s depiction of the master’s work. Li not only could apprehend the master’s meticulous grandeur, but also put his signature drawing style onto the drawings, which was always serene and yet full of energy. 



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