Photo book / 攝影書

Language / 語言 : Traditional Chinese, English  繁體中文、英文 

Hardcover/ 精裝 : 378 pages

Product dimension 尺吋 : 18.2 x 25.7cm  

Weight : 1.2 kg

First Edition 第一版 

Signed copies / 簽名版本





Thin As Air 薄如空氣

  • This is an art exchange project themed ‘Air’ sponsored and co-presented by WYNG Foundation WMA Commission.


    Lau's plan was to invite 54 artists that live in Hong Kong, of whom he each took a photo was his depiction of the Air of Hong Kong. The participated artists were each assigned a week, in the hope that during their assigned week or thereafter, they would respond with a piece of work about the Air of Hong Kong. Their response could take any form: words, images, sound or music, or any chosen media. After their appointed week, Lau then scheduled a photo session and did a portrayal shoot. Their response would work in conjunction with his portrait of them. The 55th artist is Mr. Hon Chi Fun, who had the title of project calligraphed.